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Prosthetic dentistry deals with teeth replacement, either individual or entire set of teeth. The most important function of prosthetic dentistry is to regain patient's chewing ability as well as aesthetics of the teeth, which plays an important role in patient's confidence.

Prosthetic dentistry divides further into either fixed or removable prosthetic dentistry.

Fixed prosthetic dentistry - deals with crowns and bridges. Crowns become necessary when the crown's potion of the tooth (the visible portion) is so weak, that it is no longer able to handle chewing. This often includes "dead" teeth that are very fragile, or when a filling in a tooth is extensive. In these cases the crown provides protection for the tooth. Often patients are unhappy with the aesthetics of their teeth, primarily with the front teeth visible when smiling. Fixed prosthetic dentistry can help correcting this problem.

There are two types of crowns: porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-ceramic (metal free porclain - zirconia porcelain)

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns procedure starts with covering a tooth with a thin metal layer. A porcelain layer of patient's tooth color is then laid on top of the metal layer. Such crowns are fully aesthetical, as the porcelain layer covers the entire metal layer.
All-ceramic crowns do not include the metal layer and therefore are aesthetically superior. Without the metal layer, these types of crowns look absolutely natural, thus are in high demand, especially for the front teeth.
Bridges are teeth replacements permanently placed on top of remaining teeth and they offer wide variety of solutions for teeth defects. Bridges can be made from same materials as crowns.

Removable prosthetic dentistry - offers solutions for toothless patients or for patients with only few teeth remaining. These solutions include either complete dentures or removable partial dentures. Science has enabled us to make substantial progress as far as quality of the dentures. In addition to traditional gum dentures, we also offer technologically advanced Flexite dentures that are extremely light, aesthetically pleasant and durable. Flexite - removable partial dentures are free of fasteners (wires that help attach the denture to the remaining teeth) and they do not cause any damage to the remaining teeth.




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