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Not long ago, this type of dental treatment was not that highly demanded. Dental hygiene became well known in Slovakia only few years ago. What is dental hygiene good for?

Dental hygiene is a regularly and professionally performed teeth cleaning done by specially trained dental hygienist. Proper dental hygiene is essential to your healthy teeth and oral cavity.

The entire procedure consists of several steps.

The most important one is to learn how to CLEAN YOUR TEETH PROPERLY.

The next one is plaque removal. Plaque carries bacteria and is a foundation for caries or gingiva (gums) diseases, of which swelling and bleeding are symptoms (gingivits). Plaque removal by ultrasound is important as it helps prevent paradontisis.

In the last step, the dental hygienist removes pigments and yellowy spots by sanding (air flow). Polishing takes place at the very end. Special polishing pastes are designed to make teeth smooth and less inclined for plaque or pigments to collect.

At this stage the teeth are ready for optional fluoridation, which means applying gels or fluids with high content of fluoride to the teeth. Fluoride makes enamel stronger and more resistant to bacteria, which can cause caries.

After the dental hygiene the patient is ready to undergo a treatment performed by a dentist.

The entire dental hygiene procedure lasts approximately one hour and it is recommended that it is performed on regular basis. The dental hygienist also advises the patient on using various dental care accessories.




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